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Good news for you !

For the last few years, the computerized Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji has been used widely across the world for kirtan sessions and samagams.

We have received a lot of positive feedback and response from the sangat and a lot of them are asking their local Gurdwara Sahib to install a permanent projection system, like the one that have been installed in various Gurdwaras worldwide.

There is also a demand for personal copies for their own home and office computers. To date we did not offer this, because there were various problems with the program. Now they have been ironed out and you can download a copy from the download section of this website.

The sangat has been asking about the cost of this software is.They suggested a range between US$20 - US$200.

Somehow, my upbringing does not allow me to charge for a Gurbani CD and I do not want to peg a price to it that may not be affordable and thus people may not be able to benefit from the vast knowledge in MyGuruJi.

So, we have decided to leave it your good self to donate any sum for MyGuruJi.

All donations will be used for the upcoming Sikh movies project called - SEWA (Sikhi Education With Animation) and the Diploma in Sikh Studies (English) project. There are files in the download section on this web site for your further information. Please read it and give your positive feedback.

You may also send donations by post to :

c/o Helping People Succeed
Call/SMS: +65-94568805 or email: [email protected]

To get updates on new releases and help files,
please Call/SMS: +65-94568805 or email: [email protected] to join our mailing-list by sending us blank email


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